Saira Abdulrehman


Saira studied Landscape Urbanism and graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Design in 2013 and obtained a Master of Landscape Architecture in 2016 both at the University of Manitoba.  During her university of she was the recipient of a number of scholarships and worked as a teaching assistant in both studio and lecture courses.  Since graduation, Saira has been working as a landscape architect and designer in the U.K. while remaining active as the co-founder and co-creative director of her design group, The [204] Design Collective.  With The [204] Design Collective, she works on projects that explore the intersection between cities, politics, and culture through the lens of environmental design.  During her time in London, The [204] Design Collective's project, "Decolonizing Architecture" was included as part of the core programme during the 2018 London Festival of Architecture and was featured in Dezeen and Blueprint Magazine.  She recently co-curated and spoke at The Royal Institute of British Architects for the 2018 Stephen Lawrense Memorial Lecture. 

Saira is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary and intersectional design practice that is led by collaboration and strong public engagement.

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