Emery Village BIA

Terraplan has provided masterplan work over the past decade for the Emery Village BIA. One of our first tasks was to create a Capital Works Master Plan to provide an implementation framework for streetscape improvements over a 15 year time frame. The Master Plan illustrates the BIA vision and then proceeds to set out a framework for its implementation. Background research into the history of the 1,500 sq. km site, the largest BIA in North America, as well as the site gateways, amenity areas, enhanced intersections, a historic zone, streetscape improvements, focal points and pedestrian/bicycle paths. Continuously working in collaboration with business owners, City Stakeholders, and area residents, Terraplan is shaping and redefining the landscape into a cherished community.

Last year we began the planning and consultation phase of a 25km pedestrian/bike trail through the site, as well as the design of The Aboriginal Settlement Village and The Landscape of Shared Paths. To better serve the populous region, Emery Village seeks to establish a coherent cycling network by improving the existing infrastructure and by creating new routes and connections within the village, that are safe and pleasant.

The Landscape of Shared Paths project reflects and commemorates 11,000 years of indigenous history, from 9000 BCE to 2000 CE, through the lens of art incorporated into the landscape, honouring our indigenous people. The project is an exploration of outdoor nature and the deep connection of indigenous people to their surroundings, addressing moments of change and how transitions through millennia are navigated in an empowering and educational way for the future.