The benefits of urban parks exemplified in Metrogate Park

Metrogate Park is being lauded as a park that has created tremendous benefits for developer Tridel and the residents who live in Tridel's Metrogate Community.

Leah Wong, writing in her March 3rd article The Benefits of Urban Parks, says "The City of Toronto’s 2013–2017 Parks Plan, which outlines the importance of parks to the city’s infrastructure, recognizes the economic benefits that parks offer through their ability to attract tourists and businesses. [...]By including parkland in a project, developers can also add value and increase a building's curb appeal. Parks are a highly sought after attribute for potential homebuyers, and can increase the price of surrounding real estate. Metrogate Park, located at Tridel’s Metrogate community near Kennedy Road and Highway 401 in Scarborough, Ont., is just one example of this in action."

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