Bermuda Airport

Covering approximately 50,000 square meters in Bermuda's sub-tropical climate, Terraplan's landscape design for the Bermuda Airport is a unique collaboration between a design team of architects, engineers and planners both from Canadian and local Bermuda firms, including David Scott Architects and Aecon. Set on an artificially expanded island within the main group in Bermuda, the project poses unique challenges with its constructed geomorphology, necessarily exposed conditions for aviation purposes, and lack of water supply. The proposed landscape design for the site includes a distinct division large endemic coastal species zones and an ornamental tropical colour zone closer to the building arrivals and departure areas. The creation of both of these landscape zones will involve substantial soil amendment and the creation of a specially created mangrove lagoon that will exhibit the native features of Bermuda's coastlines-sandy beaches and mangrove edges interspersed with character defining limestone outcroppings. Each of these landscape elements will serve to highlight in a reduced fashion the unique and distinct features of Bermuda's landscapes for the travellers transiting through Bermuda's newest air hub. We will be involved in this major project over the next three years.