Last week at Studio TLA we enjoyed a lunch-time presentation from one of our designers, Shadi Gilani about a project she is excited about and wanted to share with us, and in turn with you.

Shadi presented the Pol-e-Tabiat, or Nature Bridge, located in Tehran, Iran. Designed by Leila Araghian when she was only 26 years old it has received multiple awards including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2014-2015). The bridge has become a new architectural symbol for the capital city. With multiple terraces and a rich program including cafes, rest areas, walkways and planting, the bridge provides a new social space for Iranians, as well as a much needed link over the busy Modarres Highway, connecting two parks and cultural zones on either side. This bridge is a fantastic and exciting take on a traditional bridge concept, not only connecting one place to another, but also to be a place itself. Typically, bridges tend to be straight and provide quick passage from one side to another. The design of the Pol-e-Tabiat creates a sinuous destination point with various widths and multiple levels, seamlessly integrating the parks on either side. Through a combination of architecture, engineering and landscaping the environment created encourages people to stay and chat or eat… The world could use more bridges like the Pol-e-Tabiat!

Tamara Urben-Imbeault BENVD, MLARCH

Tamara joined TLA as a designer after completing her Bachelor of Environmental Design and Masters of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba. Her primary area of interest is the intersection between man-made environments and regionally occurring plant communities.

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