Ridership is up on the 504 and the time savings are creeping up by the seconds.  Pedestrians are nowhere to be found and the restaurants are begging for foot traffic and it’s not because the peds don’t exist, it’s because the pedestrians did not start out as peds–they started out in cars, taxis and Ubers.

In an earlier blog post I said that the sure way to kill a street was to remove the people – well, the removal has begun with the experiment that is the King Street Pilot Project.  A recent call for sidewalk interventions (aka Art) is like a grasping at fixes for social planning failures.  Its smacks of window signage, such as the kind that advertise 2 for 1 dinner specials at ailing restaurants.  Dressing the corners, like putting a bow on a pig, will not bring more people, but it will certainly give people on the 504 something to look at as they pass on by.


Jeff is a partner and urban designer, planner and principal landscape architect at Terraplan.

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