The initial idea was quite straightforward. Teams would have just over a month to plan and gather all the elements they would like to use and be ready to turn it into a reality in 4 hours on the day of the event.

There were only a few rules teams had to follow:
1) The landscape strip was divided into equal parts or allotments depending on the number of participants.
2) Each team was given a budget of $400 to spend on materials of their choice. Donated and found materials were highly encouraged.
3) The allotments were cleared and replaced with new soil before the installation day.
4) TLA supplied standard landscape tools (shovels, etc.) but teams needed to be prepared to bring any specialty tools necessary for their creations.
5) The work was not reviewed prior to installation, and the plans/ideas remained a secret, so that the final result was unexpected.
6) Each landscape allotment was treated as a permanent installation and therefore ephemeral work was not allowed. Teams had to consider seasonality. Annual flowers were not permitted.
7) The installation had to consider plant material as well as hardscape items. 3-dimensionality was encouraged.
8) Each team has 4 hours to install/construct their work. A landscape BLITZ!

The goals for the project were to create a fun, team building exercise for everyone to express their creativity, as well as create some interesting designs to replace the old planting bed outside of the office. Lastly, was to have a BBQ for everyone to relax and enjoy their newly created masterpieces.

The nature of the exercise allowed the teams to truly let their imaginations run wild. The space was limited to a 1.5mx1.5m section for each team. All the installations are greatly different from one another. To highlight a few, there were gardens that have solar powered lighting elements, gardens that contain mostly found objects and plants transplanted from their personal gardens and many other unique and interesting pieces.

Each team had to name their design before the day of the event and signs were made to be incorporated into the installations. The names help to show how much thought and preparation went into the event by everyone at TLA. The staff who did not sign up for a team were helping out on the day of the event with whoever needed it in any way they could.

The name of each installation is below:
7) L.E.D

The event was a huge success. There was a lot of fun to be had, a lot of laughs, and a great way to get outside and enjoy participating in a unique experience. I think that everyone can say that they are proud of what they created and are looking forward to the next event….


Landscape Blitz!


1) Zentrophic, 2) Rally

3) War of Attrition, 4) Bisang

5) Reflect & Refract, 6) Website

7) L.E.D., 8) Open Boarders

Group Photo


Matt Campbell BLA

Matt is a Landscape Designer and Contractor Administrator at TLA. Utilizing his expertise in the field working with projects from start to finish in combination with his excellent management skills, Matt brings projects full circle from concept design to final built form.

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