Canada’s Wonderland

Vaughan, ON

Terraplan was retained to design the landscape settings for a number of high-profile rides and attractions at Canada’s Wonderland, the country’s premier amusement park. One such project was the park’s new flagship attraction, a monstrous roller coaster called “Behemoth”, which is 1,620 meters long, reaches 70 meters into the air and cost $26 million to build. In addition to creating an attractive setting for the ride, we needed to facilitate efficient pedestrian circulation. We engineered the space to create a more functional, smoother flow of pedestrian traffic, while also allowing ample space for those interested in viewing the ride in action. The paving design highlights congregation areas and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the flow of foot traffic.

This project exemplifies Terraplan’s skill with designing spaces to accommodate large crowds in an organized, safe manner. Terraplan also provided a landscape design solution for the park’s popular “Days of Thunder” attraction. We were asked to facilitate an element of crowd control in the line up area and achieved this through the strategic use of railings and barricades to provide optimum safety, while also fostering maximum possible enjoyment for the clientele. As part of the expansion to the theme park, we incorporated the concept of auto racing throughout the queue line along the entryway to the theatre.