Elm Drive West

Mississauga, ON

Elm Drive West in Mississauga is a private development which accommodates 1.6 hectares of residential development  and approximately 0.8 hectares of open space.

The open space design encompasses 5 residential parkettes with connecting linear green spaces and streetscapes along Elm Drive West Street and Hurontario Street.

The design includes a synthesis of different elements, introducing pedestrian circulation throughout the site, buildings and various parkettes, engaging the architecture to create a seamless interface between building and landscape.

Various elements in the site dovetail with the sensory and spatial aspects of the place by creating diverse outdoor spaces and parkettes for the residents to engage with the local ecosystem and foster interaction amongst them.

The design for the parkettes incorporates various planting schemes and materials unique to each of them, creating memorable, vibrant spaces. The planting and landforms break down the plaza’s scale, buffering winds and defining areas for group meetings, informal interaction, relaxation, play, and more intimate seating.