We are designers, collaborators and innovators.

The Terraplan team is made up of a diverse group of experienced, highly-motivated, talented and award-winning landscape architects with extensive experience working on master plans, large-scale complex sites, environmentally-sensitive sites, institutional projects, sophisticated urban design projects and commercial projects.

By placing special emphasis on working as a team in partnership with our clients, project consultants and stakeholders, Terraplan has achieved considerable success in meeting the vision and aspirations for every project. The creativity, technical expertise, and collegial approach of our team has been recognized with numerous urban design awards for recreational, commercial and industrial projects.

We combine the skills of landscape architecture and urban design to create memorable landscapes. In so doing, our design approach and our work is always cognisant of costs, the most current construction techniques and materials, and scheduling with an unrelenting focus on our clients’ needs and goals.


deliveringon our clients' vision + aspirations
providingelegant, exceptional and cost-effective solutions
achievingthe best possible outcome in every circumstance
committingto design excellence
creatingsustainable projects